QC World

QC World is a Quake Champions companion application for Android devices. It features latest news, champion information, weapon data and provides links to official and fan made resources. Get it now from Google Play Store!

Latest version: v1.3.1

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  • QC World v1.4 is now released

    Published on 2017-08-20

    Latest application update comes with long requested upcoming tournament schedule. It features tournaments and events from QuakeCon, ESL and 125FPS. All times shown are translated to your local time zone, so you always know when exactly each event starts.

    And don't forget that QuakeCon starts next week!

  • Server-side work for tournament synchronisation is finished

    Published on 2017-08-16

    Looks like tournament calendar is coming very soon to QC World. I've finished server-side for this feature to work today and it is looking good! Now the only part left is to create a new section in the application, connect it to the server and release a new update to the Play Store. I hope to finish all of that this weekend.

  • Bug fixes and upcoming features

    Published on 2017-08-14

    Today I'm releasing QC World v1.3.1. This is a small bug fix release, which addresses crashes in Player Notes, reduces download size of the app by almost 1MB and brings some basic info about Tribolt.

    Next update will bring live information about upcoming Quake Champions tournaments and, possibly, player raankings. There's still a lot of work required to implement these, but I really hope to finish at least one of them until the end of week.

    Stay tuned!

  • QC World v1.3 is now released

    Published on 2017-07-30

    Latest update comes with a new information section with links to popular Twitch and YouTube streamers from around the world, including pro-players and official streams from championships.

    Another new features is called Player Notes. This is the place for you to keep your thoughts about different players you encounter. Write comments, add tags and keep track of everyone!

    Player notes are not yet synced with other devices you have, but this feature is coming soon as well.

  • QC World v1.2 is now released

    Published on 2017-07-19

    Version 1.2 brings synchronisation feature for all game information, community links and tutorials. No need to update the whole application when characters get buffed or nerfed or when new tutorial comes out - data sync will grab the latest changes from the web. That will also make data updates a lot faster, since application update preparation takes a very noticeable amount of time.

    Another big change is a rework of UI – QC World navigation is moved to the navigation drawer. That will make it a lot easier to add more new features in the upcoming releases.

  • Quake Champions In 4K - TDM On Blood Covenant

    Published on 2017-07-19

    Ever wondered how Quake Champions could look like on your big 4K monitor on Ultra settings? Checkout out our short gameplay video of TDM match on a Blood Covenant!

  • QC World is released!

    Published on 2017-07-19

    The very first companion application for Quake Champions is released! It is only available for Android devices at the moment.

    QC World provides latest news about the game, information about champions and weapons, shows links to official and unofficial community resources and has multiple different video tutorials covering different aspect of the game play. It also has an Item Timer which helps new players to keep track of item spawns during the game.

    Application is available for free from Google Play Store.